Growing Seeds Germinating Cannabis Seeds

Germinating Cannabis Seeds

Germinating Cannabis Seeds

If you are growing your own medicinal cannabis, the most likely you are going to need to know about germinating marijuana seeds. Germination of a seed, any viable seed, is a simple as providing moisture, warmth and darkness. When appropriate mixture of these conditions are made available to a seed with life inside of it, it will sprout. And after the root is at least 1/4 inch long, the seed is ready to be placed in the environment where it will be growing.

Marijuana seed germination techniques:

There are several different effective techniques that you can use in order to germinate your cannabis seeds. The best method for you will depend on your intended growing strategy. If you're going to be growing in soil, then the seeds you plant will be able to germinate directly where they will be growing. Simply place them about 3/8 of an inch beneath the soil and keep them moist (not wet) by spraying the surface with a spray bottle whenever necessary.

If you're using some type of hydroponic or aeroponic setup, then you can either use the paper towel method described below; or you can start the seed directly in a bit of the media that you will be using in your gardening area. For instance, 1-inch square rockwool cubes have an indentation in the top side for seed insertion. Always remember to be attentive as to whether the media you are using has requirements for PH balancing before placing your seeds in. In some cases, your growing media will need to be soaked in PH-balanced, nutrient-infused water prior to accepting your seeds.

Germinate Cannabis Seeds:

Required items:

  • High quality marijuana seeds;
  • One dark, flat plate;
  • One dark bowl (the kind you eat out of), large enough to cover the majority of the surface of the plate;
  • Paper towels or a small bit of the hydroponic growing media you'll be using;
  • Water;

Step-by-step marijuana seed germination instructions:

  • Start with quality cannabis seeds only! Unimpressive genetics yield unimpressive plants.
  • Rinse the plate and the bowl in as hot of water as you can stand to use.
  • Rinse the paper towels that you will be using (1 or 2 sheets is plenty) in hot water and squeeze excess water out.
  • Fold the paper towels appropriately so that they fit on the surface of the plate, but not stick outside of the circumference of the bowl when it's turned over onto the plate.
  • Leave the paper towels sitting on the plate until everything reaches room temperature.
  • Take your seeds and put them on top of the wet paper towel, leaving a couple of inches of space between each seed in all directions.
  • Some medicinal cannabis growers also place a damp paper towel over the top of the seeds; some don't.
  • Place the bowl, open side down, over the seeds and paper towels.
  • Position the plate in a safe, warm and clean area where it will not be disturbed.
  • Each day, make a check to monitor progress and to ensure that the paper towels are kept moist.
  • Use reverse-osmosis purified water. Don't let the paper towels dry out and don't oversoak them!
  • As individual seeds sprout roots and develop to at least 1/4 inch in length, carefully, with tweezers, position them (root side down) into the growing environment where they will be grown.

Many cannabis strain seeds will germinate in less than two days, however some may take up to 12 days. So don't give up on them if they don't seem to be sprouting super quickly. And although there is some variance between strains, most marijuana seeds will germinate at temperatures between 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. It's not a good idea to go below or above that range. If you live somewhere cold, consider purchasing a seedling heating mat to make marijuana seed germination even simpler.

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Guest | Dec 23, 2012
all pot is good pot it is the grower that decides wether it stays that way
Guest | Aug 19, 2012
I put mine in a damp/moist coffee filter inside a sammich bag and set it in dark drawer. Its sprouting like a baby:) my first time growing so not sure if the shits gonna be dank or not.. oh well.. <3 Britni Karconovva
Guest | Jul 17, 2012
this is very use information . (:
Guest | Jul 17, 2012
I have one seed with a little bit of the tap root exposed should i wait for the tap root to get longer or can i plant right away
Guest | Jul 6, 2012
Im a O.G. California semi commercial grower. I was responsible for the domestic hybrid "West Nile". In my best experiences my "germinations" have always been starters that were propagated in either a paper cup filled with the native growing medium or..... my fave product; popup peet pots. A small dry disc of peetmoss that has a small indentation to place your seed and when soaked in water puffs up into a little starter pot. My point being that in most common situations its best to not dick with a tender germinating lifeform and just let mother nature do her thing best.
Guest | Jun 25, 2012
A shot glass half full of water covered by a paper cup works great.3-7 days
Guest | Jun 18, 2012
Im a first time planter.. Im germinating them right now as a first step.. Am i doing it right?
Guest | Jun 1, 2012
Quality cannabis seeds are easy to get! I just placed 3 different orders from "The Attitude Seedbank" ( google it! ). And within 14 days I had 5 different Cannabis Cup Winners at my door! If you order them with a t-shirt they guarantee the delivery! I live in Arizona and I got ALL of my order! Cut and paste this! Stay spaded and faded! Kottonmouth Klick! Rick
nooblol | Jul 27, 2011
well what i use is ah small cup like a shot drink and fill it half way(i use mineral water) and and leave it and a warm and dark place and then a day after its gonna be at the bottom because at 1st its gonna float
Guest | Jul 11, 2011
there aren't ant Free-King prices nowhere here like duh ...... ! me e mail is please
Guest | Jun 27, 2011
i live in a narea where all i come across is "shwag" still does the job but i occasionally do grow....and i found that the best method for me to use was to throw all my seeds in a jar of water...u see...seeds with no life float.....seeds with life sink and start to sprout in a matter of days.iiithese give me the best reaults
Guest | Jun 23, 2011
i use the paper napkin [small]for each seed
Guest | Jun 22, 2011
I have put them in a water bottle for 3 days then in paper towl for for one day and good to go
Guest | May 20, 2011
Although my seeds have germinated, I tend to have a problem with the plant usually having a weak stem and the root grows straight down. I started out in mini grow cups until the root had actually penetrated through the cup. I wasn't sure if at this point it would force the roots to spread out more or it would kill it so I transplanted it into a bigger grow cup and moved it into some Fox Farm soil. There are 3 plants and it is in a confined small area with 1 15w = 75w bulb. It's in a 5 gallon bucket covered in tinfoil with the bulb about 5" away. I'm thinking that the bulb is too weak? Since this is a trial period with unknown strain I am preparing for the seeds I should be getting here shortly. Any suggestions?
Bud Selektor | Apr 12, 2011
Germinating seems the way to go. I'm about to start a batch from seed. I'll update as they progress. Thanks for the advice.
smokestack | Mar 25, 2011
I like the paper towel method, but i put it on my water heater so it kinda warms up. They always sprout in under 2 days. Just remember dark moisture with slight heat. Whatever you do don't just throw em in the ground. always germinate.
CannabisGril | Mar 14, 2011
I really like the above read and find the paper towel trick most are talking about works the best to me. Also like the page that talks about storing them in darkness makes a difference as well. (If you haven't yet you should check out the page on storing seeds.)
vinniegumba | Mar 13, 2011
I typically use the paper towel method, in fact I was not aware that seeds could germinate in the soil. Another method is putting seeds in small glasses of water and leaving it in a entirely dark area.
Guest | Mar 12, 2011
This is some great information you have provided here. I will most certainly be using this when I am growing my marijuana.
| Mar 12, 2011
This is how I germinated my seeds and it worked very well. 1. I got 2 plates from my kitchen, then i got the seeds and genteley placed them in between some sheets of paper towels. I placed them about 3 inches apart from each other. 2. I then filled up a spray bottle with water. I sprayed the paper towels with some water to make the paper moist. Make sure you use the right amount of moisture. Dont soak the paper towel but make sure your seeds are getting a small amount of moisture. 3. I put the plates on top of each other with the paper towels containing the seeds inside. I then brought this up to a very warm attic in my house. This is KEY. You must leave your seeds in a warm moist environment. 4. About 2-3 days later i had 10 seeds with very thick white strands coming out :)
| Mar 10, 2011
I just put a paper towel in a shot glass, then put the seeds on four sides around the shot glass, then add water inside the shot glass, the towel will soak it up. I just put it on my window sill and forget about it until it is a monster.
HolyKush | Mar 8, 2011
I just use paper towels like 818KING. I wet the paper towels and then throw about 4 or 5 seeds in between the folded paper towel and place it in a ziplock bag. I do not close the bag all the way. I leave it in a dark spot for a few days and it works every time!
818king | Mar 7, 2011
i use the paper towel works great leave it in the dark for 7 days and they are monsters
Ha-Y-N Boi In CO | Feb 28, 2011
back home in hawaii i used to germinate in the wet paper towel then transfer to the soil once germinated...gotta love the volcanic ash/soil mix lol
Guest | Feb 20, 2011
thanks for the tips, from what I understand this is the time ti start. I love plants and different types of gardening ALL THOUGH i DON'T SMOKE MARIJUANA i GREW SOME KILLER BUD LAST YEAR "sorry about the stupid caps I can grow plants but not well at all this new technology