Concentrate Reviews

Arthritis Liniment THC Concentrate
Ask about arthritis liniment the next time you're in a dispensary; or better yet, make some yourself.
6 reviews
Bubble Melt
Bubble melt hash is a concentrated form of medicinal marijuana created by harvesting the THC trichromes from cannabis trimmings and compressing them together. Add a small ball of bubble melt to your toking' bowl and watch it run and ooze its way to your super highness!
28 reviews
Dry Ice Hash-making
This method of making hash is perfectly safe and produces large amounts of quality medication.
52 reviews
Eating or smoking hash isn't something you do just to have a good time; it also treats and reverses an incredible number of health problems. You owe it to yourself to learn more about the healthy benefits associated with hash today.
37 reviews
Hash Oil
By dissolving THC-loaded hash in a solvent like acetone or alcohol, straining it and then allowing the solvent to evaporate, you can create your own hash oil. Hash oil is proving to be highly effective at treating and reversing loads of serious health disorders.
78 reviews
Honey Bud
Deliciously-stoney, honey bud is primo-grade marijuana that has been dipped in hash oil, rolled in dry hash and then dipped in hash oil again. Allow it to dry and then toke with caution!
24 reviews
Jelly Hash Concentrate
Try not to cough up a lung as the smoke expansion of this powerfully strong concentrate thoroughly medicates you.
17 reviews
Every time you break your medicinal cannabis up in a grinder, you create keef. Keef is the THC crystals that fall off medical marijuana plants and it can be used to induce a highly-potent and enjoyable buzz.
38 reviews
Thai sticks are an old-school form of honey bud, but have some advantages and disadvantages.
8 reviews
THC Crystals
By freezing medical marijuana and then shaking off the frozen cannibinoid-loaded trichromes, you can harvest your own THC crystals. Add a small scoop to a bong. Sprinkle some inside your joints. THC crystals can be enjoyed in a variety of healthy ways!
38 reviews
Topical Balm Concentrate
A great way to ease your arthritis pain when you can't be high from smoking, vaporizing or eating.
2 reviews
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