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By Lisa Ronthal
January 6, 2000

Well, life as we know it didn't exactly end with the millennium here in the state of New York ... unless, of course, you count Gov. Pataki's hefty new tax increase on every pack of cigarettes. (All you non-New York smokers need not gloat. Like the flu -- or Hillary -- it's been going around lately.) Those who won't or can't abandon the fragrant weed can always head down to North Carolina, knock off a cigarette truck, and commence a brilliant entrepreneurial career in the black market. Most, though, will no doubt prefer to seek out less risky ways of economizing. They're in luck.

You see, it seems there are loopholes in this tobacco tax thing. One of the biggest is that online tobacco shops that are located on Native American reservations are not required to report out-of-state sales. That means tough darts for state tax collectors. There are also duty-free cigarettes that have been shipped out of the United States and re-imported -- still available, though the laws concerning them are currently in flux. To see what kind of deal you can make, visit Discount Cigarettes. It lists many, many discount online cigarette sellers, alongside the prices they currently proffer, all of it updated several times a month.

Yes, I know the real answer to these little money difficulties is to cut out the cigarettes altogether. So do you. You don't need me to preach about it. And I'm disinclined to do so, anyway. These punitive taxes are the government's crude and bludgeonly way of "encouraging" people to quit, and it makes me want to encourage you to damn well stand your ground and continue to smoke, if that's what you like doing. In real life, of course, there's not much sense cutting off your nose to spite your face -- if you're the least bit inclined to quit smoking, then that is the avenue you should pursue. But if you aren't about to make quitting one of your New Millennium resolutions, you can at least quit enriching your local snarky anti-tobacco bureaucrats.