Information for Discount Cigarette Retailers

We offer this service to help consumers locate online retailers of discount cigarettes. To maintain a listing you must make sure that we have your current prices. We try to offer consumers a wide range of options in e-commerce. We cannot, however, list all online smoke shops and we reserve the right to decline a listing to any shop



Retailers Discount Info Coupon Code Rating Product Made
1 Getting Listed If you sell discount cigarettes online and would like to be listed at this site, please send us an e-mail at Include the URL of your site with your email.  
2 Home Page or Local Outlets Page Listings Home Page listings are paid subscriptions (see description below under "Enhanced Listings"); a listing on the Local Outlets page consists of a link to your site's URL, plus city and state.  
3 Banner Ad Display If you are interested in running a banner ad on any of our pages, please email us at
Banner ads must be standard size (468 x 60 pixels) and no more than 15K file size. If you would like us to design and construct your ad, let us know. This service is usually included in the subscription price for the ad.
4 Pricing All Discount Cigarettes Shopping Guide advertising plans are based on monthly rates. We do not charge by the "click", "impression", or page view. There are several plans available; if you are interested, contact us for current rates.  
5 Credit Card Fraud Credit card fraud is a terrible threat to e-commerce! Here is a site that provides information and services to minimize fraud.
Internet ScamBusters:
Eight Sure-Fire Strategies Any Business Owner Can Use to Reduce Credit Card Fraud
6 Reporting Customer Names to State Tax Departments Retailers listed at this site who report customer names to state tax agencies should clearly state this policy on their home page. We believe it is better for a retailer to inform potential customers of this policy before a sale, rather than after.  
7 Alphabetical Listing We list sites alphabetically by company name. However, to eliminate the "alphabetical advantage" inherent in static lists, we rotate the list every day. After spending one day in the #1 position, each listing is moved to the bottom of the list to start the cycle upward again.  
8 Featured Listing All Enhanced Listing subscribers also participate in the Featured Listing program. And here, too, the rotation is once daily. As each store enters a spot approximately half-way down the Alphabetical List, it also appears in the #4 spot of the Featured Listing and will spend one full day in each of the four spots.  
9 Viewing Weekly Hit Report You can see how many hits Discount Cigarettes is delivering to your site and to other retail sites on the list with our Weekly Hit Report. This report is password protected and available only to retailers who are listed at Discount Cigarettes. To gain access to the report please send us an e-mail at The e-mail must be sent from the same domain as your site.  

Enhanced Listing

If you want to subscribe to an Enhanced Listing, send us an e-mail at An Enhanced Listing allows you to describe your service: specials, newsletters, promotions, shipping procedures, and so on. You may submit whatever information you want for the Enhanced Listing pull-down menu. However, the information must be objective (such as "secure ordering") rather than subjective (such as "best prices"). The Enhanced Listing service consists of representative prices for 4 categories of brands, shipping cost (per 5 carton order) to a ZIP code in New Jersey and California, and one pull-down menu. Please specify the contents you would like in the menu, and what information should appear in the first line. Maximum number of lines in the pull-down menu is ten (10). Additonal information, such as telephone numbers, mode of shipping, etc., may be displayed in one line immediately below the pull-down menu.

  • Pull-down Menu: You can list as many specials as you want, subject to the 10-line maximum. Change the brands and prices as often as you want, but we need a 72-hour notice to implement a change. Specials listed with Discount Cigarettes Shopping Guide must be prominently displayed at your website. You can also use this category to inform users of special services that you offer, such as newsletters, customer referral programs, and the like. Example:
    Toll-free 800-555-1111; UPS Ground shipping; Guaranteed Satisfaction.

Online Listing Agreement

For more information about Discount Cigarettes Shopping Guide, including our operating policies and guidelines, please read our Listing Agreement. If you intend to subscribe to either a banner ad or Enhanced Listing service, you will be required to fill in this Agreement and return it to us.


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